Procyon (procyonid) wrote,

Further Confusion 2017

The final stop of what has started to feel like a neverending trip back to the US was this week was in San Jose, for yet another iteration of Further Confusion, my first and most frequent fur con (every year since 2005! That's 13 straight FC's!)

Despite all the familiarity the con felt quite a bit different from previous iterations. For one, it felt much less crowded and "happening": it remains to be seen whether this was due to an expected attendance drop (from competition with nearby and ultra-trendy BLFC) or was a more psychological impact of having moved to the new wing of the convention center more remote from the hotels. In either case this did have its pluses: elevator lines and similar delays were rare and the new space was very nice, with an expansive lounge area filled with natural light instead of the enclosed "warehouse" feel of last year's space. Nevertheless the con did feel much less bustling, especially in comparison to the jam-packed MFF a month previously.

With only a few exceptions, most of the people I knew were still there, at least, and there were even quite a few "new" folks who hadn't been in years who showed up for this year's iteration. This was great although it posed a challenge as well, since a number of them were there in a large part because I was, and I felt super-responsible for trying to make sure they had a good time... which proved to be a challenge at times since as usual after 4 PM rolled around I was pulled in a dozen different directions by social commitments to several different, largely non-intersecting social groups. For the same reason I also ended up fursuiting quite a bit less than I would have wanted: basically only once a day for a couple hours. There were also some strokes of bad luck - one close friend had to cancel last-minute after having trouble with visa paperwork, and a power outage crippled the elevators the first evening and made check-in an ordeal. (At least they gave us a discount!) And my computer did not get along well with the hotel wireless and the need to send a couple critical work e-mails caused more stress than I would like. Still, all in all it was a great experience in a friendly space and I had a good time with old (and some new) friends.

With the con over, I'm now waiting to board a late flight back to Europe, the nearly four-week-long US trip finally at its end. With that, the new job is about to suddenly get very real: in just a couple days I'll be in the UK to find housing, banking, communications and all the other accompaniments of a major international move, all while laying down the foundations of a new job. I've hardly prepared at all and feel only marginally ready. We'll see how it goes...
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