Procyon (procyonid) wrote,

Salt Lake City

The past few years have seen the American Astronomical Society meeting and Further Confusion spaced one week apart, which is a bit of a challenge when I live in Europe and want to attend both events. It's not particularly sensible to cross the ocean for just a few days at "home". So, what to do in the meantime this year? After noticing that many of the most convenient flights from Dallas to the Bay Area connected through Salt Lake City anyway I came upon a solution - a winter weekend in Utah! Some of my longest-term furry friends lived out that way, after all, and there was the potential for good skiing. And the flights were pretty cheap!

I left the AAS meeting in Dallas mid-afternoon on Saturday and landed in Salt Lake early in the evening. From there whisked off to the home of my friends, Tenax and Overzen/Barnaby. Tenax used to live in my hometown of Socorro and is one of the key people responsible for getting me involved in furry in the first place: he was the first fur I met in person, way back in November of 2004 when he was ebullient about how great cons were and invited me to join his room group at FC 2005. His husband (Overzen then, his character name is Barnaby now) was at that same con and it was at that event that they began dating, leading eventually to their marriage a decade later when marriage equality finally became nationwide. I couldn't come for the wedding but said I would come the next time I had the opportunity. This was a pretty great opportunity!

I arrived on Saturday late in the afternoon, conveniently just in time for a quick dinner before joining their weekly game night with the local fur crowd. That was of course a lot of fun, going on for most of the evening until late. We had Sunday to relax and hang out, going to see a movie, play some games, and otherwise get caught up. On Monday I had my chance to go skiing - catching the $5 one-hour ski shuttle up to Brighton ski area at the top of Big Cottonwood canyon. A storm was passing through, dumping rain in the city but snow in the mountains. When scheduling the trip I'd been a little worried there might not be enough snow this early in the season - but that was definitely not a problem! Indeed, if anything there was too much snow: one of the lifts was shut down for avalanche control (charges were being set off on the mountain throughout the day). Still, it was some great powder skiing and a really nice day all around.

After one last dinner with my SLC friends I was dropped off back at the airport for the next leg of my journey, back to the Bay Area! To be continued tomorrow...
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