Procyon (procyonid) wrote,

Christmas 2016

I flew back to New Mexico last Wednesday for the Christmas holidays. The flight was, as always, long - although was helped this time by the connections (in Toronto and Denver) being tight and relatively seamless, so I pulled into Albuquerque tired but not exhausted. After meeting with a high school friend for lunch the next day I headed down to Socorro in the afternoon.

Christmas at home follows the same pattern every year, with only minor variations: setting up the luminarias outside on Christmas Eve, going to the neighbors' house party, waking up the next morning to open presents. This year followed the same trend. A windstorm on Christmas eve made the luminaria lighting unusually difficult and frustrating, but we got most of the candles lit eventually and it was still the usual lovely display. And the opening of presents was delayed until the evening of the 25th because my brother finally got a job, working up at Santa Fe ski area. They had him working on the 25th, and he didn't arrive here until about 8 PM.

I didn't get very much (by my own request: my need for things will be in a month after I move again, not now). Indeed the most consequential gift was one I purchased: snagging a copy of Dominion and a couple of the expansions for my brother who belatedly has gotten into card/board games. (I haven't played the game in years myself but it was unquestionably one of the favorites from my grad school days, so needless to say there was a lot of Dominion played.)

Still, aside from that, it was a quiet year. Sometimes it feels a little odd that the holidays are always the same here (in "most" families, after all, girlfriends/boyfriends and grandchildren start showing up) but no change is better than bad change, and traditions are still comforting.

Especially during a period when my life (and perhaps the world) is in a period of particularly sharp change and transition. But we'll leave that discussion for the next holiday...!
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