Procyon (procyonid) wrote,

Midwest Furfest 2016

After a glum November, the latest visit to MFF in Chicago (my 7th year there in a row!) did indeed provide a happy antidote and a chance to catch up again with good friends.

I flew directly from Albuquerque following my Thanksgiving visit, landing in the late-afternoon and proceeding over... to the overflow hotel down the street from the con hotel. Alas, MFF is one of many cons that have become too successful for its own good. Back in April when the convention hotel block opened, I had planned my entire day around ensuring that I'd be at my computer for the start of reservations and when the time rolled around I was there and ready to go. I clicked the link, entered in all my information... and then got an error message, saying that there was something wrong with the "country" in my address. Did they have something against Denmark? I realized after a minute or so that the problem must have actually been the blank "state" field, but during even that tiny time window the hotel had sold out and I lost my reservation. Grrr! After a few months of seething I was able to get a spot on a room through a friend of a friend, but even that was only two nights (Friday/Saturday) and for the first night we had to stay down the street.

At least I had my fursuit! I'd had the foresight to drop it off at the hotel a month before the last time I passed through Chicago, so it was as simple as having it brought out of hotel storage for my first real suiting opportunity since NFC in Stockholm, back in March. Still, with no room locally and no easy fursuit changing space I had to hold off on the puppy antics for the first day, which was a mostly chill evening at the bar. Friday we finally moved over to the main hotel, but the room was not available until the late-afternoon and I was suffering from a lack of sleep a minor cold that was going around. While we had a pretty good room party in the evening, I was feeling wiped out by midnight and had to call it a niaght early.

Fortunately, Saturday for all of that: I was almost back up to 100% and was able to spend almost the whole afternoon zipping around as a dog, in the company of a couple of friends who had secured their own canine suits earlier in the year. And the evening was then full-on party time, with various groups coming by the room followed by some jaunts to other parties here or there. The party scene was perhaps not quite as crazy as some previous years, but I was able to get people to come by my room both nights and I felt pretty good about that!

My flight out on Sunday was not until late in the day, and with the con beginning to wind down (we had to check out of the room already) it was again a mostly-chill day. Literally: the sky filled with snow in the morning, and a good 5-7 inches had accumulated by early evening. This was no big deal to me (it was wet snow and I was not dressed for it), but for a good subset of the con (from places like California, Arizona, Hawaii and so on) this was a rare or even first-time experience, and it was fun to see all the fursuiters outside jumping around in the snow and slush. Of course with the snowfall I was concerned about (and by concerned about I really mean, "hoping for") major flight delays or cancellations that would make me get stuck at the con an extra night, but "alas" my flight was just slightly behind schedule and after final goodbyes I zoomed off back to Copenhagen in the evening.

Good times! I'm hoping I can make it back next year: but with the start of the new job imminent and teaching likely on the agenda for the fall term, we'll have to see if it's possible.

I do know, however, that I'll be at Further Confusion in just a month. So until then, cheers and ruffles to all my animal friends!
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