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I didn't want to write this post. I truly, desparately, did not want to write this post. I lied awake for hours at night in June and July and August in fear of the remote but all-too-real possibility that November 9th could come to pass in just this fashion. I got more worked up than I have about any election, ever, donating dozens of times to Hillary's campaign and publicly, privately, doing everything I could to make the world aware of what was at stake, pointing out that we could not afford to be overconfident about this election.

And yet here we are, in a political scenario that is the stuff of nightmares - lying awake again, except that this time it's been for the entire night and it's 8 AM and I'm in bed, feeling numb, wondering how the world became so unmoored.

I saw it coming. For all the polling, there was one obvious path Trump had to victory: the polls being off by a couple percent generally, and another couple percent in the "rust belt" demographic of low-income whites. Then FL and NC tip the right way, leaving just one pickup among PA/WI/MI necessary. Then, for all the media's crowing about the Democratic Electoral College advantage, we get a popular vote / electoral vote split and President Trump.

Plus a Republican Senate, since pretty much everyone "thought" Clinton would be elected and probably figured they were voting for divided government.

So now we're fucked. And the only question his how fucked, and whether we're fucked domestically, internationally, or both. Because there are so many ways this could go wrong.

On the domestic end the Republican congress can now get away with all the horrific fantasies that they developed as six years out of power caused them to drift more and more out of reality and into fantasy-land. Vast budget cuts? Demolition of the education and research infrastructure? The end of medicare, social security, and health insurance assistance? Not to mention that this will all happen under the spectre of the likely economic recession that will follow if Trump gets any of his own delusional promises, such as shutting down trade with Mexico and China.

Oh, but I'm leaving the country, right? So I can laugh condescendingly and enjoy life overseas? Ha ha ha, not exactly. To start with, starting today I'm going have to give my take on this election that has left me in seething anger to my perplexed colleagues, and look on in embarrassment every time Trump does something idiotic for the next four fucking years. More seriously: he is so utterly disrespected abroad and has expressed such contempt for so many things that it is hard to see us cooperating on anything remotely difficult or responding to a crisis. And then there is the question of what if something truly serious happens. War on the Korean peninsula? Russian tanks on the move to Estonia? An unidentified accidental missile launch? And very likely he'll create his own crisis - the Republicans are chomping at the bit to nullify the treaty with Iran, seemingly ignorant of the fact that this not only destroys our credibility but essentially gives them a greenlight to develop a nuclear weapon (and a new talking point at home about why they must!) Not to mention that because pretty much every serious public policy figure has openly disassociated themselves from Trump at this point, whoever he has advising him on these matters is guaranteed to be an amateur, an ideologue, or both. And this to say nothing of the long term threats that are just as serious, climate change (which he thinks is a "hoax") at the forefront.

What a horror show. What happened to the 21st century I was promised? To the age of reason that improving education and communications were supposed to deliver us? To closer and friendlier international relations and the end of the risks of war and conflict?

I want to smash something and curl up in a ball and cry.
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