Procyon (procyonid) wrote,

Back at CPH, visa stress

I'm finally back in Copenhagen this month, for a stretch of almost three weeks - a record since mid-September, when I moved out of my old apartment and began a period of itinerancy that will last until my new job begins (scheduled for February.) Homelessness (and exorbitant hotel costs) have been avoided by renting out the apartment of a colleague who's out of town - until he returns in a week or so, after which I'll have to figure out something else: I'm playing it by ear and not stressing out too much.

This longer stay in town, plus the fact that I'm finally within the 3-month window for my new job, has enabled me to finally send in the application for a UK visa. This is certainly something that HAS been stressing me out: the form is long and complex, the rules are opaque and not well-documented, and (worst of all) I had to make an appointment with an agency in Copenhagen and then send in my passport and residence card with the application - locking me down from travelling until the process is complete and placing my life at the mercy of the mail service. It was also incredibly expensive: the cost of this application came out to 1415 Euro plus another 150 I paid for expedited service plus another 300 (or so) that the university paid to sponsor me. (Getting my Danish visa was not exactly a trivial matter, but it was far less expensive and didn't require losing control of any critical documents.)

So now I wait, and hope (1) that the mail actually makes its way back to me, and (2) that I or somebody else didn't screw something up somehow. There is at least a tracking service I can follow, which somewhat alarmingly has a check-mark saying that my documents has been dispatched back to me by courier but NO check mark saying that a decision has been made. On the other hand it also has no check mark saying the documents were sent to the courier either (something which clearly has happened), so maybe it's just not up to date and everything is fine. Well, I'll probably find out Monday.

And then there is state of the election, which has me somewhere between disgust and terror right now. How? How is it this close? This is a flirtation with insanity, and even if Hillary wins as "expected" (and that is not secure at all) the US is probably looking at years of broken government and unchecked conservative burn-everything-down apoplexy. Leaving the country is cold comfort. I guess I'll have more to say in a day or two.
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